Who's brave/stupid enough to hire Headbank? Well, so far, these people. Not all of this work has been for-profit, but they all demanded a professional sheen and good usability. I'm pleased to say the clients have given some very kind feedback on the results.

Cadies Productions Ltd.

Productions Ltd

Robin Mitchell, an upcoming Edinburgh film producer, wanted a site for his new production company to publicise his first completed documentary project before its screening on Scottish Television and at the 2005 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Robin was also at the stage of developing the company's branding, so I was able to have a hand in the graphical presentation as well. As the name was taken from Robin's other company, the Cadies & Witchery Tours, he liked the idea of adapting their logo for Cadies Productions.

The longest part of the job was the scripting for the navigation system, followed closely by the time it took to recompose Robin's CV!

Amy Chan Jewellery

Amy Chan Jewellery

Amy Chan is an independent jewellery designer and producer based in Edinburgh. Having won a number of awards and being exhibited both nationally and internationally, she was looking for a web site to put on her business cards—literally!

Besides being served on the Internet, Amy also wanted the site to be portable, so she could use it on a promotional e-business card CD-ROM.

Amy's site brief required display of a growing catalogue of her jewellery pieces, but with an emphasis on unobtrusive style.

This gave me a good excuse to try out an elegant and logical, two-tiered navigation system using only CSS. The jewellery items are displayed in a very minimal master-page format, extra detail accessed via popups. (With popup-blockers so popular and aggressive these days, the detail pages are viewable the old-fashioned way too!)

Few changes were necessary for the CD-ROM version, though I was able to cram it with more high-resolution images to do justice to Amy's marvellous designs.